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Coaching with GROW model - Management Superpower

Coaching is difficult to do well for some managers. The GROW model is a foolproof way to do coaching well when you don't have a lot of experience.

You can start having simple coaching conversations with a simple framework that provides a structure for the conversation.

GROW stands for:

  1. Goal (or challenge or problem). Start a coaching conversation by finding out what challenge or problem a person wants to deal with or goal they want to achieve.
  2. Reality (where are you at right now). Regarding this challenge or goal, where are you now in relation to what you want to achieve? It may mean finding out what the person has done already to try and solve the problem or work towards achieving the goal.
  3. Options. Help the person come up with potential solutions to the problem. Instead of just telling the person what you think they should do, you ask them questions so that they come up with their own answers. Probe to get more than one option.
  4. Will / What Now? The person will need to make a firm decision at this stage about what they will do now. It's about committing to taking action. It's not enough to just decide on an action to take, the person must also demonstrate that they have the will and capabilities to take that action. Do they have the time and necessary resources to take action on the selected option?

As you're coaching, after you ask a question and get an answer, follow up with a 'reflection question' to make sure the answer is clear.

Here are a few examples: